International Organization of Lace, Inc. IOLI is an association of people who share an interest in the beauty and intrigue of lace. Members study and recreate historic old laces or design and make new contemporary pieces. They also collect old lace to preserve examples of an art and craft from ages gone by.

Why Charter with IOLI? Requesting a charter indicates that a group supports the purpose of International Organization of Lace, Inc. in perpetuating the collection and study of lace and the making and teaching of all techniques related to lacemaking.

Benefits of Chartering with International Organization of Lace, Inc. include:

Requirements of Chartering can be met with a few easy steps:

  1. Request an "Application for Charter Chapter" packet from the current Vice President of IOLI
  2. Submit the completed application form and a copy of your group's bylaws for review. Charter group bylaws must meet certain requirements and must not conflict with the IOLI bylaws. Specific guidelines for bylaws will be provided with the "Application for Charter Chapter" packet.
  3. Charter Chapters of IOLI must maintain a minimum of three members who are also IOLI members. The Charter Chapter President and the Charter Chapter Contact Person are strongly encourage to be current IOLI members for liaison purposes.
  4. Update Charter Chapter information annually. The Vice President of IOLI will contact your chapter requesting updated information about your chapter for the yearly IOLI Members' Handbook.

For more information, please contact:
Loretta Holzberger, Vice President