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REGISTRATION: February 15, 2017 will be the official opening day for registration; however, forms may be mailed in at any time. Any forms postmarked before February 15, 2017 will be considered as postmarked on February 15, 2017, for the purpose of assigning classes. IOLI members are given preference over non-members in class assignments. Non-IOLI members have the option to join IOLI prior to registration ($30) or to pay an additional $50 registration fee. If you would like to become a member click on, Membership

Full Registration includes a Sunday Opening Reception dinner, Monday Evening Dinner, and Friday Banquet with entertainment. Also, Full Registration covers access to all sponsored activities including the Sales Room, Display Room, Lace Off, and Teacher Showcase. In order to register for more than one day of class, a Full Registration must be paid.

A Mini-Registration is required for those taking only a one-day class of 3 or 6 hours on Wednesday. Class fees and convention meals are additional and not included in the Mini-Registration fee. Mini-Registration is not necessary if a Full Registration fee is paid.


Mini-Registration Class Fees

A minimum of two class choices must be listed. If no second choice is listed and your single chosen class is full, your registration will be returned. We accept check or money order made payable to IOLI. PayPal is available for a 3 percent handling fee which should be added to your payment. Proof of PayPal payment must accompany your registration.

Cancellations: Fees for registration and classes cancelled prior to May 15th will be refunded MINUS $50 administration fee. After May 15th, a refund MINUS $100 will be given, but a substitute may attend in your place in the class you have registered for.

Extra options:

Prices will be listed on the Registration Form. For those purchasing a disposable pillow, it is suggested that you bring a cover cloth or fabric to cover it.