Special Presentations at Convention 2016

Tuesday, July 19, 2016 following Dinner

Spain and Spanish Laces
Presented by Mariña Regueiro González-Barros

Lace has been made in Spain since the 16th century. Mariña will talk about tape, continuous, and needle laces of Spain, including Frisado de Valladolid, a gold, silver, and coloured silk needle lace that has only been made in her country.

Wednesday, July 20, 2016, 7pm

Scientific Advances in Lace Textile Studies
Presented by Laurie Waters

Exciting things are going on in the world of textile sciences related to lace. Laurie will give a general review including items such as the work of Veronika Irvine on the mathematical braid theory applied to bobbin lace which was recently featured in Scientific American. She will also discuss carbon dating of early laces, and the work of textile scientists who are looking into the chemistry of those brown age and rust spots on lace. In addition, Laurie will present best conservation practices by discussing the new textile storage facility at George Washington University. She will also mention advances in computer work including the latest apps for lace, a subject which she will cover more fully in her Saturday class.

Wednesday, July 20, 2016, 8pm

1816 – From Pounds of Clothes to Nearly Naked
Presented by Kate Henry

Two hundred years ago, lace was a prominent feature on clothing of the era. Kate will show examples of various laces of the time including Mechlin, Blonde and other point ground laces, netting, and embroidery. Features for identification of the laces will be discussed. Kate will also talk about politics and the history of dress exploring why fashion changed. Examples of lace and clothing will be modeled and on display for closer examination.