Patty Dowden's Butterfly Patty writes:
"The butterfly was a gift to a young girl at church who was redecorating
her bedroom to something a little more grown up. I said I would make
her a butterfly to put in her new butterfly bedroom. Then I asked what
color it should be. She answered green and purple and pointed out
examples of the exact shades. So I did it.

The butterfly pattern is from the Lace magazine and was designed by
Radmila Zuman. The thread I used was a little thin, (Presencia Finca
size 16 pearl cotton, great colors) so I added a couple of passives in
the wings. The color also added the problem of keeping the right colors
in the right place, so that took a little extra fiddling. All in all, a
definite wing spreading experience."

Patty Dowden

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