Pattern design: Louise Colgan, 1999
Interpretation: Tamara Duvall, 2001

Artist’s statement:

I started working on this pattern at the O.I.D.F.A.-sponsored
workshop in Milanese lace, taught by Louise Colgan at The Lace
Museum (Sunnyvale, CA) in early October, and finished it shortly
after I got back home. The original was meant to be worked in
Gutermann silk 100/3 but I didnユt have enough colours to chose
from, so I photocopied the pricking at 70% and made it up in
Madeira 50/2 (mostly ミ one of the colours was a mix of Mettler
60/2 and Kreinik cord wound on the same bobbin). I also made two
other changes. Instead of hanging in and cutting off the pairs for each
petal, I made all the petals as a continuous braid. This changed the
arrangement of the petals somewhat (each petal overlaps the next at
one side, as is under the previous one at the other side, instead of
having two up and two down), but was easier for me to do and is not
very obtrusive. The second change was in the veins which run down
the centre of each petal; instead of the suggested thick metallic gimp,
I used metallic beads.

Although I had to guess at the shades (I didnユt have a photo of the
lace before taking off for CA with my bobbins wound), dogwood,
being the state flower, is ubiquitous in VA, so I knew what I was
aiming at. I am, in general, quite pleased with the colour choices I made.
The only change I would make is in the size. At 70%, the pin spacing
is a bit too close and the braids look "congested" in places. My next try
(the pattern is truly lovely and a pleasure to work, so a second try will
be no hardship) will be at 75% reduction.
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