"Paddle" FanPattern design and interpretation: Tamara P. Duvall, 2000

Artistユs statement:

I designed the fleur-de-lis itself several years ago,
but never made it up ミ didnユt know how to use it.
Then I.O.L.I. announced its fan contest and I decided that,
with a few changes (a "ground" and an edging) it could very
easily be converted into a fan such as is sometimes used around
the Southern USA ミ a circle (usually or paper) mounted on a single stick.

I decided to make the fan in colour and call it "Southern Afternoon."
I used Gutermannユs silk 100/3 in four shades of green
(to represent summer, the time when fans are needed most)
and two shades of blue (to represent the sky) as well as several
different metallic threads in shades of gold through copper to
mahogany (to represent the sunset).

To make the fan useful, I stiffened two pieces of silk
(cloudy-blue under the lace and dark green on the obverse)
with interfacing and sewed them together, leaving an opening
at the bottom for the stick. I then carved a removable stick to
fit ミ it runs all the way up the fan, acting as a hidden "backbone,"
with the handle part extending below.

Iユm quite pleased with the overall design of the fan and most
of the colour choices. Iユm particularly pleased with the edging
and one of the braids (the dark one around the upper part of the
fleur-de-lis), both of which were "custom designed" for the project.
What Iユm less happy about, and what I would change if I were ever
to do it over, is the background. At the very least, Iユd change the colour
of the upper part to white or cream and copper, letting the mounting
silk act as the sky and the tallies as clouds. And I donユt like the bottom
part of the "ground" at all, but the due date was approaching too fast for
me to spend anymore time tinkering with the design. Another
disappointment was the metallic thread I used in the light-coloured
section of the fleur-de-lis; it was the perfect shade of copper but very
difficult to work with, especially to tension properly. Unfortunately,
the full extent of its misbehaviour didnユt become apparent until after I
had removed the lace from the pillow.....Other views of the fan

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