IOLI Libraries
(Books, DVDs, Videos, Slides/PowerPoint)
To order from the library:

Please note that:

To request a book, periodical, DVD or video:

  1. Direct your order to the current Librarian,
    B. Catherine Kozlowski
    525 Erie Street
    Lafayette, IN 47904 USA
    Please include ‘IOLI’ in the subject line for email.
  2. You must be a current member of IOLI. Please include your name, IOLI membership number (on your Bulletin mailing label), US mail address, email address, and phone number on all requests.
  3. Order books, DVDs and videos by IOLI Library Number and by title as listed ion the IOLI website. Order periodicals by name and issue.
  4. There is a limit of 3 Library items per request.
    A Library item is:
    • 1 book
    • 1 DVD
    • 1 video
    • 1 PowerPoint
    • 4 issues of a periodical
    It is strongly recommended you include an alternate selection for each requested item. Then, if the first choice is unavailable, the alternate will be substituted. Only complete orders will be shipped.
  5. Library materials may be borrowed for three (3) weeks, beginning on the day you receive your request. Prompt return of items will be greatly appreciated. If you need the items longer, contact the Librarian.
  6. Shipping Fee Schedule
    For most items shipped within the continental United States, the Library uses USPS Media Mail. However, the IOLI Librarian may, at her discretion, require that some Library materials be shipped out at USPS Priority Mail rates with insurance. Some Library items are very rare or valuable. Priority Mail with insurance will help IOLI protect these items while they are in transit to the borrower. Contact the IOLI Librarian for more details on which items must be shipped via USPS Priority Mail.
    Effective January 1, 2014,the shipping fees (paid in US$) for USPS Media Mail to the continental United States will be:
    • 1 item: $4.00
    • 2 items: $5.00
    • 3 items: $6.00
    To ship via UPSP Priority Mail within the continental United States or to any other destination, check with the IOLI Librarian.
  7. Check Requirement
    Checks to cover shipping fees must be written to IOLI in US dollars drawn on a US bank. For those people who do not live in the United States, the Library can accept PayPal. Please contact the Librarian before sending any PayPal payments.
  8. You are responsible for returning the Library items in the condition they were received minus wear and tear of shipping. Use the return address label that was included in your shipment. Books may be returned in the same mailing envelope if the envelope is in good condition. In the lower 48 states, it is recommended that you use US Mail at MEDIA MAIL rate for return shipment.
  9. New Request
    If you are within the continental United States, you may include a new request and payment with your return shipment. Place the new request in a letter envelope and label the envelope ‘NEW REQUEST’.