Submitted by Dot Yanak

Download the complete pattern in PDF format HERE

Tatted Earrings

Thread two seed beads on ball thread or left hand thread for each earring.
Wind app. 2 feet on shuttle

Ring: 4 double stitches(ds), picot(-), 4 double stitches, turn work(tw)
Chain(C) 7 make sure these are strait, tw
R: 2-4-4-4-2, tw C: 1-1-1, seed bead, 1-1-1, join to 2nd picot of ring, make
3 ds, then unwind your shuttle, thread large bead on thread
Thread a small seed bead on thread
Go around the seed bead and up throught the large bead again.
You can use a bead with the drilling through the top if you have one
Then unwind the shuttle
Continue chain, 3ds, join to next p of ring
Chain 1-1-1-bead-1-1-1
join to top of bottom ring, Then chain 7, keep straight, join to bottom of top ring
Cut and tie
Put earring wire through picot and wear.

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