Designed by Margaret Jensen

Download the complete pattern in PDF format HERE


100 linen thread Pins #14 Crochet hook Scissors Pliers
Jewelry Shoppe Findings - Pair 6 Rocaille or #10 seed beads
Large teardrop hoops, 4mm round jump rings, earring findings


Place a pin at the top of your teardrop hoop and one at the bottom to
hold onto your pattern. Add 6 pair from center circle and 1 weaver pair hung
from side. Cloth stitch across. Draw the weaver pair under the bar making a
loop and putting the pair through the loop. Cloth stitch, except last pair, to
centerline. Twist last 2 pairs twice, whole stitch, pin, cloth stitch to bar.
Continue as above until nearing the end where you will start withdrawing
pairs. Tie, finish, and cut off bobbins.
Hang 3 pair from bar and 3 pair directly across of centerline to start first
spider. Twist all pairs 3 times. *Starting from the center 2 pair, cloth stitch
through three pairs to the right and then cloth stitch through three pair to the
left. Continue from center pairs until you have:

To add the bead, you will take the center 2 bobbins (not pairs). Place the bead
on your crochet hook. Make a loop with the 2 bobbin threads and draw the
hook onto the threads. Push the bead over the crochet hook and onto the
looped thread. Gently make the loop larger to put your 2 bobbins through.
Place your crochet hook between the 2 side threads of the bead. Place a pin
through the bead and place where marked on your pattern. Gently draw your
bobbin threads until you have decreased your loops and straighten your
threads. When there are no more loops, release your crochet hook to tighten
your threads and release the pin. Continue to cloth stitch the center pairs
until you have:

You need to twist all 6 pairs to complete your spider. Add 3 pairs on the left
and right about 2 graph lines down from the bottom of your spider.
Remember to twist all pairs 3 times. Repeat the process from *. With your
crochet hook, you will join to your line and tie a knot. Cut away bobbins.


With your pliers, open your jump ring and add the earring finding and
the hoop on the ring. Close the ring with your pliers. Congratulations, you
have finished your project.


1. Pin (next to bar) under thread to hold thread in line.
2. Be consistent when attaching pairs to bar drawing weaver pair from
outside or inside - over or under the bar.
3. Make the bottom of the 3 pairs added for the center a different color
bobbin to help you make the spider flow correctly.
4. Twists can come undone when attaching to your line, you may need to
add each bobbin separately
5. You have the option to change the center area.
6. You can change the thread by color, size, and type, but also remember to
change your graph background. Using the graph paper can help you
keep your pins in a straight line.

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