Bobbin Lace, Torchon Four-Pin Bud Earrings with Variations
Submitted by Sally Jenkins
Lacemakers Guild of Oklahoma
Summer 2010

Download the complete pattern in PDF format HERE

Basic design:
16 pairs with about 12" per bobbin. I used DMC 6-ply embroidery floss, split to 2 strands.

Ground stitches, your choice of:
[CT, pin, CTT] or [CT, pin, CT]
Four-pin bud and fat spider as published by Geraldine Stott in her
Floral Torchon patterns.

Optional variations:
18 pairs plus gimp (full 6-strand embroidery floss in color of choice)
Add beads to work anywhere you like.
Work the basic diamond shape, then cloth-stitch all the loose ends to
the bottom to make a single tassel. Apply a bead if desired and trim
the tassel to desired length.

I have not seen a standardized diagram marking for the four-pin bud,
so in this pattern, I have simply circled each of the sets of four pins.
Do not confuse this with a gimp line!

Hang the pairs like a rainbow and CTT to close the pin. (I added the
earwire right in with the top pin.) Add each new pair (CT pin CTT).
Work ground stitches down each side of the peak for one row.

Four-pin bud:
Identify the 4 pairs of bobbins to be used (2 pairs from the left, 2 pairs from the right). Each pair should already
have a twist on it.
CTC the 2 center pairs. Pin between them.
CTC left pair through the other 3 pairs (going right), pin, T worker pair.
CTC worker pair through the other 3 pairs (going left), pin, T worker pair.
CTC worker pair through the other 3 pairs (going right).
Pin between the center 2 pairs, CTC the center 2 pairs.
Twist all 4 pairs.

Work the other four-pin buds the same way, until you have done the 5 of them that would make an upside-down V.

Now work the Fat Spider in the middle:
Identify the 4 pairs that will make the top legs. Put an extra twist on each pair (total of 2 twists on each pair).
Work as any spider: CTC the second pair from left through the next 2 pairs on right.
CTC the left-hand pair through the next 2 pairs.
CTC the 2 left pairs.
CTC the 2 right pairs.
Pin, CTC the 2 center pairs.
Twist each pair twice.
Continue making the remaining 4-pin buds.
Work out into one row of grounds.
Weave loose ends down to a point.
Finish with a tassel and/or a bead.
Slip hook or post through top if you did not start out with it alongside the top pin.

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