Designed by Tina Armstead

Download the complete pattern in PDF format HERE

One at a time take a 3 strand length fold in
half and hang on a starting pin. Using a
beading needle string on 10 beads to each
end and wind on a bobbin to each end.
Repeat for remaining starting pins.

Slide one bead up to the starting pin. Remove
starting pin and replace pin in same hole with
the pin going through the bead. Repeat this
for all starting pins.

This keeps the bead in place so when the
finished lace is removed the beads are on the
outside edge.

Work lace in half stitch and half stitch the
honey comb center.

When done working the lace tie off with a
simple knot at each pin using the bobbin pair
at the pin. Slide remaining beads up to the pin
that has been tied off.

Using an overhand knot tie each pair off at
the end of the beads.

Remove lace from pillow and trim off excess
thread. I like to use fray check on my knots
when making lace jewelry. It dries clear and is
water proof.
Materials needed:
1 skein of embroidery floss
240 seed beads
collapsible eye beading needle
24 bobbins
Ear wires

Cut 12-24 inch lengths of thread and
separate them into 3 strands.
You will have 24-3 strand lengths

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