Holly Noel, A Torchon Bear
Betty Lou Braun
Rose Brier Woods
New Castle, PA
copyright 2002

The Rose Brier Bears wish to welcome you to Rose
Brier Woods. They are a friendly lot and are honored
by your visit. They would also like to let you know that
after some experimentation, it has been found that the
recommended threads work best to achieve the Rose
Brier look. However, they do like to dress in lots of
different colors and invite you to change the colors, as
you desire. It is their sincere wish that you find many
hours of enjoyment in the Rose Brier, so put on some
tea and come along.

This week the Bears are heading off over the hill along
the meandering creek and up the mountain to their
Mountain Huckleberry Hideaway. As this is the first
time this season they will be there, Granny has lots of
tasks planned for them. However, the Bears are looking
forward to visiting with their friends, spending long summer
afternoons on the porch sipping lemonade (sweetened with
honey, of course), munching on honey muffins and watching
the clouds roll on by. I do believe some lace will get made
on that porch also as this is one of the BearÕs favorite pastimes.

14 pairs 90/2 linen
6+ gimp pairs Ð Kreinik #8 metallic braid
8 added weaver pairs Ð Kreinik metallic blending filament
Bow Ð Kreinik metallic ribbon 1/8"
Eyes and nose beads are added on the passives as desired.

Suggested colors:
Natural linen
Bear Ð Kreinik 052HL
Perimeter gimp Ð Kreinik 033 or 007HL
Bow Ð Krenik 033 or 007HL, attached after ornament is completed.
Eyes and nose Ð Mill Hill glass seed beads, black 02014

Holly Noel is the mother of a family of bears, who live in the Rose Brier under the Evergreens near the Castle of New in PennÕs Woods. As her name suggests, Holly Noel was born on Christmas. She is partial to pink and blue bows, although ribbons of all colors take her fancy.

Pricking (Pattern should measure 7 pinholes per inch straight, counting the first pinhole as 0): Bear_pricking.jpg

Helpful Hints:

Working Diagram:


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