PATTERN DESCRIPTIONLIST OF PATTERN FEATURES:1) Cloth-woven Tape with Twisted Passive Pair along each Edge2) Interlocking Chevrons style Gimp in Center of Tape3) Pivot Turns and Back-Stitches around curves4) Sewings to link sections of Tape togetherEQUIPMENTBOBBINS: 5 Pairs with Base Thread + 2 Pairs for GimpTHREAD: DMC Cordonnet Special #80 OR Fil A Dentelles (Tatting Cotton) #80 (BASE) + DMC Coton Perle #5 OR Equivalent-sized Metallic (GIMP)NOTE: SAMPLE WORKED WITH WHITE CORDONNET #80 AS THE BASE THREAD. RED AND GREEN METALLIC GIMPS, SIMILAR TO GOLD RUSH STYLE THREADS,WERE USED THROUGHOUT THE CENTER OF THE TAPE.Pattern & Lace by Louise Colgan - ゥ 1998


 = 	2 Pairs on each Marker Pin for Set-up	

 =	1 Weaver Pair on Starting PinNOTE:  Gimp Pairs placed in center of Tape

finished size is 3.5 inches tall

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