Carrickmacross Lace Fan Pin
Designed by Marion Jones
Archer, FL
copyright 2002

Carrickmacross lace originated in Ireland. A threadis couched along the pattern outline on organdylayered over netting. The organdy is cut awayto reveal the netting in some areas of the design.Filling stitches, such as the characteristic circularメpops,モ are usually embroided on the netbackground.

Materials Needed:DMC #50 Alsace for couching threadCoats #60 for padding thread#12 Sharp needle100% cotton organdy100% cotton hexagonal netLace scissors to trim the organdyButter paper to trace patternTissue paper for paddingPastel sewing thread for basting

For instructions to do Carrickmacross please refer to Mary Shield's two books:Lásadóireacht I and II available from the I.O.L.I.Book and Periodical library.
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