Pattern designed by Mark Myers & Laced by Sherry Townsend - ゥ 2001

Materials for Angel:Dress: 8 prs.Tanne Madeira size 30 color 645 2 prs. DMC Fil Metalliseユ Metallic thread for Gimps for the tape of dress Dress filing: 2 prs Kreninik Metallic #4 very fine braid color 93, this is for the top part of filling 1 prs. Of Kreninik Metallic #8 very fine braid color 1432 for the bottom of dress. And one pr. Of DMC Fil Metalliseユ gold work together for braidWings: 7 prs.Tanne Medeira size 30 color 687 2 prs. DMC Filmetalliseユ silver metallic thread for gimps, this is also for filling inside of wings.Face: 6 prs. Tanne Medeira Size 30 color 740Halo: start with 2 prs. Of Tanne Medeira size 30 color 770. And add more till the center and then start to throw the pairs back out till you end with two pairs again. Working prs is DMC Fil metalliseユ metallic thread.The gimps for the dress are in chevron technique.Pass worker pr. Over 1st of 4 bobbins in the twogimp prs. Pass the workers under the two centerbobbins and then over the 4th bobbin of the gimpprs.Then you take one bobbin from the center twopass the right one over the outer right bobbin andtake the left one from the center two and pass itover the outer left bobbin. Repeat this for each row.The center of dress is done all in braids with the two prs.Where tape of dress overlaps you will need to takesome pins out and slide the bobbins under. Andthen continue on with the tape doing a sewing jointo connect the tapes together. Doing this at diagonalpoints should be enough to stablize the tapes.At the points at wings you will need to do backstitching to make the points pointed.

finished size is 4 inches/9.94 cm tall

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